Texas Moving Companies that Don’t Cost A Fortune

February 24, 2014

Moving on a budget can be a relatively difficult experience.  The cost of moving can add up quickly.  Aside from the movers, there are all sorts of new deposits, down payments, appliances, and renovations that need to be made.  In order to help save a little more, try these great moving companies.

Apple Movers – Austin’s Best Moving Company

Aloha Austin – Best Austin Movers

El Paso Moving And Storage

San Antonio Companies For Moving

How To Pack A Home For A Cross Country Move

December 10, 2013

Cross Country Moving with U-Pack: Grandma Regina and Miki’s “What Moves You?” Adventure!


We love hearing the story of what makes customers move to a new location. In this case, previous U-Pack customer Miki decided to turn to U-Pack once more, this time for help moving her grandmother over 2,000 miles cross-country. As time passed, Miki and Grandma realized they should be living closer to each other instead of a few time zones apart. While U-Pack did the driving for their long distance move, Miki and Grandma had one awesome adventure! Watch as Miki, Grandma Regina, and some travel buddies take off on the road trip of a lifetime–stopping at national landmarks and fun attractions on the way to their new home. Knowing their belongings were moving safe and sound in U-Pack moving containers, this group had a GREAT time. See the St. Louis Arch, The Big Texan in Amarillo, the Grand Canyon and more as Grandma Regina and Miki discover what moves them!

The Best Way To Move Across The Country

December 4, 2013

My Move Across Country – San Francisco

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Note – if you get motion sickness easily, I suggest skipping ahead to 1 min. xo

It’s official! I’m all settled in to my new home on the West Coast. I’ve been gone for a hot minute, but I’m back with more inspiration than ever.

Check out my new blog, http://www.coastalmigration.com to keep up with my new life as a west coaster.

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How To Pack For A Cross Country Move

November 30, 2013

How To Pack for a Cross Country Move

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Reliable Long Distance Moving Companies

November 27, 2013

Aaron’s Reliable Movers Video – Chicago, IL United States – Professional Services

Aaron’s Reliable Movers – Chicago, IL United States

We are a fully licensed & insured moving and packing company in Chicago with very competitive rates. We are available for both local and long distance moving projects as well as single piece deliveries, custom crate building, art installation and many other specialty service not offered by other moving companies. We are proud members of the Illinois Mover And Warehousemans Association and we hold a perfect A+ Rating With The BBB.

We Offer the Following Services:

Local & Long Distance Moving
Residential & Commercial Moving.
Packing & Unpacking.
Art Crating / Installation.
In-House Moving.
SToe To Home Deliveries.
FREE In-Home Estimates.
And Much…Much More!

Affordable Cross Country Movers


Cheap Ways to Move Across Country

Moving across the country from one state to another? This is the best way to move that far, while saving money in moving costs! Long-distance moving doesn’t have to be a pain.

What are some cheap ways to move across the country?

Theoretically, becoming a hobo or hitchhiker is free.

I’ve got more stuff than that.

Join the military and get paid while you get deployed around the world.

While the money is decent, I want a safer way to travel across country. I need to leave this town and go somewhere with lower better job prospects.

Rent a rental van and drive it yourself across country.

Isn’t there a cheaper option that’s less work?

There are storage pod companies that would let you pack the pod, which they then ship across the country. But that costs more than driving the truck yourself.

I’d like a lower cost option, if I could find one.

Sell so much stuff that you’re down to what just fits in your car. Then drive your car on a cross-country adventure until you reach your destination.

You make it sound so romantic.

It’s like the Okies going to California in the Grapes of Wrath.

You do realize the retarded fellow kills a girl in that book. Not exactly romantic.

And everyone says lovers are like Romeo and Juliet, forgetting they die at the end. Have you found a job where you are going?

No, not yet.

Try interviewing with a number of companies there, especially those with relocation benefits.

What are relocation benefits?

They pay you to move to where the job is.

That would be cool. What if they hire me but don’t have relocation benefits?

Then you at least have a job when you get there. And you could write off moving costs off your taxes, because they are considered a job hunting expense.

That’s certainly a better deal than the hoboing across the country. Well, certainly more respectable.

The Best Cross Country Movers


Have you been searching for the best cross country movers for a long distance move?  Find reliable moving companies at prices that simply cant be beat.  Click Here for movers!


How To Find Best Movers? Free Moving Quotes/Estimate Cheap Moving Companies / Commercial Movers

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In the next two minutes, I’m going to reveal to you how to find a reputable, affordable & licensed moving company (by getting moving quotes / Moving Estimate from cheap moving companies or commercial movers for local movers or cross country movers).

It is so simple you will be amaze; how to get the best Moving quotes (Moving Estimate from cheap moving companies or commercial movers for local movers or cross country movers) for your relocation plan.

Grab a chair and pay attention, because you are going to hear the truth about moving companies.

Did you now that? :
• That the average man moves 11.7 times in his lifetime.
• Relocation ranks as the top ten “most stressful life event”, right up there with divorce, bereavement, losing a job, wedding planning, and commuting.
• People who are moving spend more money during their 3 months moving period than people who are not moving spend in 5 years!

And now, here is the most important question – How to avoid moving scams?
Horror stories about sketchy moving companies (& their moving quotes / Moving Estimate from cheap moving companies or commercial movers for local movers or cross country movers) abound.
Don’t let one take you for a ride!

Here is the real truth:
In some cases some of these outfits give the impression that “you are dealing with a moving company, but you’re really dealing with an online broker who passes the job off to some local movers moving company in some region for commission.
So you’re not even dealing with the end user. You have no control over who ends up in your home.”

So now here is a secret that can help you protect yourself from dishonest movers, known as rogue movers:
All movers MUST have a valid license issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (the FMCSA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation (the DOT).

If you hire a mover based solely on the cheapest price, you may be sacrificing other things that are actually more important, such as getting your possessions moved and delivered on time.

Here is another secret: movers are required by law to deliver your goods for no more than ten percent above the price of a non-binding estimate (moving quotes / Moving Estimate from cheap moving companies or commercial movers for local movers or cross country movers).

But I know of another secret, for getting affordable moving company, a solution that combines reputable mover’s research along with the necessary steps to get the best estimates (moving quotes / Moving Estimate from cheap moving companies or commercial movers for local movers or cross country movers) for your moving plan.
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