10 Ways to Keep Your Cross Country Move Relatively Inexpensive

So you’ve decided to move. There’s nothing easy about a trek that takes the family across the country. You’re worried about budget, time frames, and getting settled into the new abode. There is much to take into consideration.

To help you prepare for this journey, here are ten ways that you can make the trip more inexpensive.

1. Use Recycled Boxes

One of the most significant expenses of moving is using boxes. Packing up a three-bedroom home will require fifty or more of these corrugated wonders. You can save a great deal of money by picking them up from a local grocery store.

Make sure to call ahead because they crush and send them off to be recycled. There’s no need to pay for something you can get for free.

2. Have A Yard Sale and Declutter

The more stuff you take with you, the more it’s going to cost. Instead of dragging a bunch of junk across the states, why not have a yard sale? Only take what you need with you.

A garage sale will give you extra money for your journey, and it will lighten the hauling load too.

3. Book Your Move In Advance

Waiting till the last minute can have devastating financial consequences. When it comes to booking a truck or scheduling movers, it’s better to have more time.

The same thing goes with airline tickets. If you are traveling by plane and having movers handle the journey, you need to book at least 21 days in advance for a better rate.

4. Drive One Car Haul The Other

A drive across the country is going to cost a pretty penny in gas. If you have two cars, it’s easy to see how these costs may skyrocket. Why not drive one car and haul the other one?

Using a tow dolly, you can easily pull one vehicle, so that your family can share the driving responsibilities of one car rather than two.

5. Use A Gas App For Savings

Speaking of gas, the costs vary significantly across the country. Plan your trip strategically around the cheapest gas stations. Using an app, you can find the best places to fill up and save.

Gas is notoriously cheap in areas like Tennessee, the Carolina’s, and down south. However, when you get over on the West Coast, it can be a $1.00 or higher per gallon.

6.See If Cable or Utilities Are In The Area

Many cable and utility companies have branches in many states. Transferring an account is easier and cheaper than setting up a new one.

Most businesses won’t require deposits and extra fees to make a transfer.

7. Book Hotels Using Online Services

A journey of more than a few hours will require an overnight stay. Never get on the road stop when you get tired. Plan the trip in advance, including where you will sleep.

You can save a ton of money by using websites that compare rates or even let you name your price.

8. Use A Credit Card That Earns Rewards For The Journey

Many credit card companies offer rewards for usage. If you don’t have a card that does this, then it may be worth your while to open such an account.

You can earn free gas, frequent flyer miles, or get a portion of your travel expenses reimbursed when you pay with your credit card.

9. Negotiate With Your Company On Moving Costs

If your company is initiating the move, then they should be paying. If they aren’t, then you need to be discussing this matter. Don’t just accept the first dollar amount they throw out at you.

The fine art of negotiating can and should be used in this instance. If you are moving for a new job, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they will help on these costs.

10. Plan Your Trip At The Middle To End of The Month

Since everyone moves at the first of the month, it can save you big money to book your move in the middle instead.

Moving companies and truck rentals are always busiest during the first, so the fees are based on demand. Compare rates and find when it’s cheapest to make your journey.

While there are some savings that can be had by doing the move yourself, it’s beneficial to have a moving company handle it for you. You have many things to be concerned with, so packing boxes and loading a truck shouldn’t be one of them. Let someone else have the headache of getting your stuff from point A to point B.